It is confusing to many people why a cell phone repair may be more than what they paid for the phone to begin with.  Most people do not realize that mobile phone service providers receive rebates from cell phone manufacturers that help them subsidize or reduce the cost to the consumer.  Also, service providers are much more interested in locking you into a 2 year service contract, as this is their main revenue stream.  This is why the retail price of a new device and the replacement parts are substantially higher without a contract. At the Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center, we will provide consumers with all of the options available and allow them to make the decision that works best for them. Many people will agree that bringing your cell phone into a  cell phone repair shop is better option than insurance.  Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on cell phone repair versus cell phone replacement.


When I bought my phone it was $99, but when it broke and I wanted to get another at my service provider they told me it would cost $400. Why is there such a big difference in price?

The $400 is the retail price of the phone. Many service providers are willing to subsidize the cost of a phone in order to get you to sign a 2 year contract. This is also why you can sometimes get upgrades for 99 cents.


Why are the prepaid service phones more expensive than the same phone at the post-paid service providers?

In order to ensure a lower monthly plan cost, the prepaid services require you to pay as close to the retail value of the phone as possible.


I have a smartphone that I need repaired, but the cost of the repair is more than what I paid for the phone. Why is that?

Service providers will subsidize the cost of the phone to get you to sign a 2 year contract, as this is how they generate long term revenue. However, the retail cost of the phone without a new contract is considerably higher including the replacement parts. If you do not have insurance on the phone, then you would have to pay full retail price on a phone which can be as much as $700 for some of the newer, high-end devices.  In this case, the cost of repair becomes significantly less than replacing the phone.


Is there ever a time that having a phone repaired is not worth it?

There are times that the cost of the repair exceeds the cost of getting a new device. There are also some times that, if you have insurance, the deductible is less than the cost of the repair. We always suggest you come by and see us before making an cell phone insurance claim because you usually have a limited number of them and you might want to use it for a manufacturer error instead of physical damage. Also, some insurance will not cover water damage.  In addition, many people have valuable contacts and photos in their devices, which tend to be priceless, by repairing the phone you will be able to retrieve information from the device, which is paramount for many customers.


Why do I see ads on Craigslist of people doing repairs for much cheaper than the companies I see online?

In many instances, these are individuals with minimal to intermediate experience with phone repair. For example, when we do a screen repair we are likely to replace both the digitizer and the LCD which is a cleaner and safer repair, while the individual technician might only replace the digitizer which is dangerous because separating the digitizer from the LCD can lead to the LCD being broken and costing the customer more money and time.  In addition, individuals do not offer the warranty that an established store like Fix & Style does.  We offer a 1 year warranty on screen repairs, which covers any defects verses the guy on Craigslist you might not be able to find in 3 months.  Individual phone repair guys also don’t offer the personal safety that a reputable business does.


Come to the Fix & Style, Mobile Device Repair Center in Fairfax, VA for a free diagnostic review of your cell phone.  Fix & Style will layout all of your options for repairing or replacing your mobile device.


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