4 Important Signs That You Need to Repair Your Phone

Woman smiling while holding a smartphone

When it comes to your phone, several signs indicate it might be time for you to bring it in for repairs. Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center is here to discuss the four most common indicators. If you notice any of these issues arise, contact us today for a free consultation.

Person about to plug a phone into a charger

Your Device Isn't Turning On or Is Shutting Down Unexpectedly

This could indicate a problem with your phone's battery, charging port, or software. If your device doesn't turn on at all, it could signify a more serious issue like water damage. Struggling to hold a charge is another issue to be aware of. If your phone is shutting down unexpectedly, it might signal that your battery needs to be replaced.

Man holding a smartphone with a cracked screen

Your Screen Is Cracked or Shattered

Whether it's hard concrete or placed in the wrong pocket, a cracked screen is one of the most common reasons people bring their devices into our shop. The Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center experts know how to quickly and efficiently replace your screen, so you're not without your device for long.

Man listening to music on a smartphone while on a bus

You're Experiencing Audio Issues

Whether you can't hear people on the other end of a call or your speaker isn't working correctly, audio issues can be frustrating. Sometimes, this might be caused by water damage or dirt in the headphone jack. If the volume dramatically spikes in levels, it can be a sign of lagging problems.

Woman looking at her smartphone with a frustrated expression

Your Phone Keeps Freezing or Lagging

Sporadic app opening and closings are important indicators of internal damage. If your phone regularly freezes or lags, it could be a sign of a software issue. This is something we can usually fix quickly and easily, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of mobile devices.

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At Fix & Style, we understand your phone's importance to you. We offer fast, affordable repairs on all makes and models of phones and tablets. So bring your device in today, and we'll fix it for you in no time!

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