Common Problems Fixed with Phone Repairs

Hand holding an iPhone 13 mini

Witnessing your phone malfunctioning is never fun.  Even to the slightest degree, it's still a frustrating experience. You rely on your phone for communication, entertainment, and even as a personal assistant. So when something goes wrong, it can throw a wrench in your daily plans.

There are plenty of problems that might occur with your phone that would require professional intervention. However, here are four common issues people face that Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center can help you with:

Smartphone with cracked screen

Cracked and Shattered Screens 

Whether you dropped your phone or it was stepped on, a cracked screen can make using your device difficult and dangerous. In some cases, the damage is only cosmetic. But if the cracks start to impede your vision or block certain touch functions, then it's time to get it repaired.

Smartphone with water being poured over it

Water Damage 

This is a common problem, especially for those constantly on the go. Whether you accidentally dropped your phone in the pool or spilled coffee on it, water damage can ruin your device if not dealt with immediately.

The signs of water damage include:

  • Phone turning off and on by itself
  • Touchscreen is not working properly
  • Blurry camera lens
  • Distorted audio

If you notice any of these problems, please bring your phone in as soon as possible for a professional consultation.

Woman staring at her phone in annoyance

Slow Performance 

A telltale sign that something is wrong with your phone is its performance slowing down. If your phone takes forever to load apps or freezes frequently, it might be time for a repair. The experts at Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center know how to find the exact root of any slowdown problem that affects any phone out there. So if you're experiencing any problems, give us a call today!

An iPhone sitting on a wireless charger

Battery Issues 

Another common problem people face is their phone battery dying too quickly. This could be due to overuse or simply because the battery is old and needs to be replaced. In any case, if you have to charge your phone multiple times a day, it's probably time for a new battery.

These are just some of the problems our Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center team can help you with. Please don't hesitate to give us a call or stop by our store for a free consultation. We're always happy to help!

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