Easy Fixes to Common Phone Problems

As technology rapidly changes and improves our lives for the better there are also many new problems we face with our everyday devices! Fix & Style knows the struggles of wanting your phone to work for you but feeling like you work for it with pesky problems! That’s why we’ve laid out four common phone problems and easy fixes to keep you and your phone in sync!

battery dead

Battery Issues

Problems with the battery can include fast draining, failure to charge, or the phone shutting off unexpectedly. Some simple steps that can help include:

  • Turning off unused features like Bluetooth or location services 
  • Updating your software could be the fix to the battery issue

Camera Struggles

Camera Struggles

Problems with the camera can include blurry images, malfunctioning flash, or the camera failing to launch. This can be frustrating when trying to capture the perfect shot! Things to try:

  • Cleaning your lens 
  • Checking your camera settings to make sure there isn’t anything weird turned on or off

man cant hear on phone

Sound Problems

The phone may have issues with sound, including low volume, distorted audio, or problems with the speaker or microphone. The two main solutions to fix these problems are to check the headphone jack and clean out dirt and debris and check your speaker to see if it needs to be cleaned as well.

storage full on phone

Running Out Of Storage

The phone may run out of storage space, causing performance issues or preventing new apps and media from being downloaded. The simplest way to fix this is to delete unused apps and files to make way for the ones you do use, many phones have a storage management tool to help with this.

Listed above are common problems all users will have with their phones at one point or another. While there are many simple solutions you can try yourself, the easiest way to solve a problem that just won’t go away is to trust the experts! We are here to help at Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center. 

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