MyBat Pro Leather Key Ring Case for Apple AirTag - Red

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Your customers can turn their Apple AirTags into beacons of style by adding a dash of flair to their trackers with the Leather Keychain Case from MyBat Pro. It is available in attractive packaging that makes it stand out on the shelf and shows off the product beautifully, making it an ideal addition to your inventory.

Crafted from elegant vegan leather and available in a regal red colorway that only looks better with age, customers will enjoy the most fashionable safeguard protecting their precious AirTag from any water, scratches, or even daily wear and tear. A secure fit and a snap-on closure ensure that their AirTag stays in place so that they can track easily. The Leather Keychain AirTag Case easily attaches to the essentials in their lives, such as their keys, backpack, or even a pet!

MyBat Pro offers an extended lifetime warranty for the Leather Keychain Case for AirTag, ensuring the best quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.

Elegant Vegan Leather Construction
Scratch Resistant & Waterproof
Quick Installation
Snap-On Closure
Safe & Secure Design
Raised Edges
Convenient Carabiner Keychain
Incredibly Durable & Lightweight
1-Year Warranty