MyBat Pro X Series for Apple iPhone 13 Pro (6.1) - Mint / Gray

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Offer your customers Apple iPhone 13 Pro the X-factor in style and protection by equipping it with the most durable mint X Series Case from MyBat Pro. It is available in attractive packaging that makes it stand out on the shelf and shows off the product beautifully, making it an ideal addition to your inventory.

Featuring a colorful range of customizable buttons, the X Series Case lets your customers customize their iPhone 13 Pro while offering serious protection with a sleek, military-grade design. Crafted with an anti-microbial lining and raised bezel edges, the slim X Series cases defend your customer’s iPhone 13 Pro from all threats, big or small. Customers will not need to remove the case whenever they want to charge as the ultra-slim and minimal design makes the X Series iPhone 13 Pro Case compatible with all wireless chargers!

MyBat Pro offers an extended lifetime warranty for the X Series Case For iPhone 13 Pro, ensuring the best quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.

Certified Military-Grade
Impact & Shock Resistant
Raised Bezel Edges
Customizable Colorful Buttons
Anti-Microbial Lining
Wireless Charging Compatible
Ultra-Slim, Lightweight & Minimal Design
Lifetime Warranty